There are infinite ways to get immediate national or global news when you're on the go. When it comes to what's happening in your backyard, only Your Hometown Connection delivers local news right now, no matter where you are.

Hometown Radio updates the news - your local news - all day long. We tell you what's happening at home while you're on the move and not parked in front of your computer.

But when you do sit down at your computer, you'll find the full story of what happened in your hometown on - for free, just like Hometown Radio. It's not "classic news," what happened a couple days ago. It's what just happened, right now.

That makes WYDaily and Hometown Radio virtual gathering places, which is where local advertisers want to be.

When you put together the two best ways to get your news – on the radio and online – you’re connected. That's why we call it Your Hometown Connection.

So – pick your favorite hometown radio station, 92.3FM The Tide or 107.9 Bach-FM, and listen to it.

Hear the news you need to know, and then learn more at

  The TideTide
We find the good music and bring it to you every day. Old or new; renowned or unfound; the song everyone knows or the track everyone missed: it's like a radio station and your own personal iPod in one. We call it handpicked music. And of course, you’ll hear local news from throughout the day.

A bright modern approach to classical music for the classical music aficionado as well as the casual listener.  And here again, local news from throughout the day.
Williamsburg Yorktown Daily
The only daily newspaper dedicated to Williamsburg and James City and York counties. It’s totally free and online at  Our goal is to report "why" things happen rather than just what; to avoid sensational and polarizing news and opinion; and to start a community conversation on all kinds of topics important to quality folks who live, work and play here.

We get full value gift certificates from our advertisers, and then sell them to you at a 30% discount! You get to save 30% on everything you buy, our advertisers get to show you their great business, and we feel like the best matchmakers ever!

  Hometown Advertising
When you advertise on hometown radio, you can talk to thousands of customers, one on one- all at the same time.  Use to meet them again where they get all of their daily, local news.  Congratulations!  You’ve just made your hometown connection. For more information on Hometown Advertising, email Derek Mason.

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